It’s a Big Country

1/23/2012 – We put a map on our wall to begin marking out our journey. We asked our kids to put a post it note on places they would like to visit. This is our first run.

So far we have…(in no particular order)
Portland, Oregon (Family, home)
Seattle, Washington (Family)
San Diego, California (Sea World)
Yellowstone, Wyoming (Yellowstone)
Las Vegas, Nevada (Business conference)
Mesa, Arizona (Family, Grand Canyon, Four Corners)
Evansville, Minnesota (Family)
Fort worth, Texas (Family)
New York City, New York (Sites)
Washington D.C. (History)
Virgina Beach, Virginia (Family)
Raleigh, N. Carolina (Family)
Orlando, Florida (Disney World)
The reality is we probably won’t be able to visit every state. What locations would you suggest as must see places either for historical or just a great place to visit?


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