Found the Truck

.I’ve been watching, test driving, and waiting for a 2006-08 Dodge Mega cab Diesel pickup.

These trucks boast the largest cab of any pick-up on the market. I sat in the back seat and I think there is as much leg room in the back as there is in the front. This is important because we have three boys and two are teenagers. I’m trying to eliminate hearing things like, he’s touching me, or his stuff is in my way. Personal space helps on the extended drives. We already have some reservations that will force us to drive across country (Seattle to Dallas) in 5 days. More about that later. The Cummins Diesel engine is very reliable, and will ultimately save on fuel costs. I was really surprised at how quiet it was inside the cab. I was expecting more engine noise with the Diesel engine. The Dodge trucks typically have a stiffer ride than the Chevy or Ford, but one we test drove rode smoother than I expected. I drove a Dodge Dakota that had overload springs so the ride was pretty stiff, until you added about 1,000 lbs. in the back. We’ll find out how the dodge Ram will ride connected to a 5th wheel.

If you have a Ram Mega cab what has been your experience, and what should I be aware of before I go pick one out?

Update – Well my favorite color is blue and I had a blue Dodge Mega cab picked out on ebay. It was located in Texas which would add 2k for shipping, but I liked it. Then an offer came up that I couldn’t refuse. A Mega Cab closer to home and 5K cheaper….Did I tell you my favorite color is charcoal?



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