Busy! Busy!

6/21/2012– So today was a big day. If you have ever watched a show about getting organized. That was us. We are moving from 1566sqft to 280sqft, but only for a year. We had piles around the house and even in the driveway 1. Store for later 2. take on our trip 3. sell/give away. Very productive, but we had a couple set backs too.

The boys school informed us that their web school wasn’t going to work for us, if we didn’t promise to return for state testing in January. That was a blow. Who wants to leave the sunshine (hopefully) in the middle of winter and return to Oregon’s cold and wet days? Our other options would be pay $5k for each kid to be in a national web school or home school completely. Option 2 is too expensive, and option 3 we aren’t ready for, so an added trip back to Oregon in the middle of winter in now on our itinerary.

The other set back is out of our control. We were planning to have a large garage sale tomorrow, but 70% chance of rain is going to put a hamper on those plans. Hopefully Saturday will work.

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