No A/C in Texas

7/24/2012 (Arlington, TX)– Texas is hot in July! If you read below you’ll find we were here for a business conference, but stayed a few days longer. 106 degrees was the hottest day. Best part (read sarcasm) the blend door on the truck A/C broke (ie A/C on the drivers side only). Spent a few extra days trying to have that fixed. We never got it completely resolved.

We’re taking it to the Dealer in NM. We expected to have a few repairs on the way, but didn’t figure they would all hit us at once. The outside Frig.vent door blew off while we were driving in Washington. After stopping at several service centers we have come to realize it is a special order part. And last night we were stopped at a Walmart to boondock on our way to our destination in NM, and found our key wouldn’t open the dead bolt on the 5th wheel front door. There was no other way in besides breaking something. Had to call a locksmith. After we got in we swapped the front and back door locks, and will add a new lock to our list of things to repair.

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