Old town Albuquerque

7/28/2012 (Albuquerque, NM) – Each Sunday we have been visiting local churches. This has been good because we never know what to expect. I think it makes us pay attention a little more. Today we attended Family Worship Center.

After church we had lunch and went to old town. It’s a lot of little shops a street vendors. the snake museum was a hit.

I had no idea how many different rattle snakes existed. All but one of the snakes in the museum were “rescue snakes” meaning pets that got away or something like that.

This is the only rattle snake in the museum that was taken from the wild. They think it is the only one like it. Notice no diamonds, just one long stripe.

The owner of Poco Loco showed us some magic tricks, and we bought a couple to practice.

Over all it was a fun day!


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