Change of Plans

8/3/2012 (Apache Junction, AZ) We made a detour South in our journey.

If you read our July Adventure you know that our A/C in the truck had to be repaired. Well, only half of the problem was actually fixed. We replaced the compressor in Texas, and looked into repairing the blend doors (which broke at the same time).

Side note: I really like my Dodge truck,  but the air box under the dash is poorly designed, but it’s not a safety issue, so there is no recall to fix the problem. I think they need to rethink safety…When you’re driving in 104 temps and your wife says, “How come we didn’t fix this in Texas?” There is no safe answer to that question.

Rather than paying $1600 to fix it we decided to head to my brothers RV dealership in Apache Junction where I could fix it much cheaper. The local Dodge dealer assured me they had the parts I needed in stock.

We figured while I was working on the truck the kids could have some cousin time, and they have enjoyed that.


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