RAM Blend Box *%!*#@!

RAM Blend Box

Apache Junction, AZ Fixing the blend doors on a Ram Truck is quite the job. The entire dash has to be removed to access the air box. Good thing I found the “43 easy step process to removing the dash”. This post is probably more for me to remember the FUN! Keep in mind I’m in Arizona and it’s 108 degrees.

All that work to get at this broken control arm and the broken blend doors inside the box. As you may have read in my earlier post the dealer told me they would have the parts I needed in stock. I went to pick up the parts I needed and they said, “Oh, you need the whole lower half of the air box, we have to order that”. After making several calls I found a dealer with the part in stock. I went to get it only to find it doesn’t include the actual moving parts that are broken on my air box. For some reason I had to order the lower half of the air box off a 2008 (different model year). It should arrive Tuesday.


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