North to Utah

8/15-22/2012 (Ogden, Utah) We spent a week just outside of Ogden, UT. While we were there we had three main goals; stay put for a while, because we were just coming back from a busy business conference, visit the family history library, and swim in the Great Salt Lake.  We accomplished all three. We went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. The buildings were impressive.

The area was very inviting…clean, lots of helpful people. We toured the visitor center

Then we made our way to the family History Library. My wife and I enjoyed researching our family trees, but we both ended up stuck in the 1800’s. We actually came back another day to do more research. My wife was able to solve a family mystery . I was able to trace my family to 1604 England.

We also got to go to the Great Salt Lake. It was so much fun! We drove out to Antelope Island.It reminded me of being at the Pacific Northwest Ocean because the day was overcast and all the sand around.

There we found the beach access. It is a bit of a walk and there were sharp rocks mixed in the sand in some spots.

There were also millions of flies on the sand and in the water. They would move out of our way see the darker spots. That’s not wet sand…It’s flies.

The water didn’t feel too cold, after walking out a ways all you do is sit down and you start floating.

You would have to work really hard to drown in this water. Our oldest son wanted to swim out to Egg Island, but we figured it would take too long.

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