A Day in the Life of a Family on the Road

Some people are envious that we get to travel for a year, others think we are crazy, but most are curious. Many people have asked, What’s it like living with your family on the road? I’m not sure we have a typical day. Crossing time zones makes staying on a schedule more challenging. The events are sometimes dictated by our location.  In the past 3 months we have stayed everywhere from nice upscale RV Parks

to Walmart parking lots.

I know a parking lot doesn’t sound that interesting, but it’s not everyday you bring your house to the store. Besides, it’s comforting to know you can find a place to stay even if it’s late at night. I’ve even seen a few of the People of Walmart. I hope I’m not one.

We launched July 6, 2012 and as of writing this have traveled through 15 states, some of those visits have just been driving through while others have been extended stays. We are currently parked for 3 weeks in Northern Minnesota which is the longest we have stayed in any one location. We are still learning, but loving every moment!

In our planning we knew that we would have some long drives, so we bought a truck with the biggest cab possible. We bought a 5th wheel that would give us space together and space to be separate. The 5th wheel also has more storage than most bumper pull trailers. We wired the 5th wheel for long range internet (although I forgot to put the antenna down and broke the router connection) and cell based broadband.

Some basic info: We are set up to live one week at a time.
Food: We can store enough food to eat for 7 days, except milk. We usually have to buy milk every couple days because 1 gallon is all that fits in the frig.
Water: If we use water wisely our tanks will last for 7 days, and won’t need to be emptied or filled. That is if we don’ have full hook ups at an RV park.
Dishes: The 5th wheel doesn’t have a dishwasher. To make it easy we each have a personal cup, plate, and bowl. If you want to eat or drink each person needs to make sure their items have been washed. Unfortunately we have to boil water to wash the dishes. The hot water tank just doesn’t get hot enough.
Laundry: We all have socks and underwear for 7 days, and other clothes to last longer depending on the weather. We planned for warm climates. After that it’s time to do laundry, which most RV resorts have facilities for that. Laundry actually goes faster than at home because we can have 3 of each machine running at the same time.
School: We are using a web academy in our home town school district. It’s home schooling, but we aren’t the teachers. they have teachers, counselors, and curriculum. The boys log in and work at their own pace, but have milestones they have to reach. This is new to us so, and the school, I guess they haven’t had any families living on the road until now.
Work: My wife and I both work online, so making sure we have internet access is vital (for school too). Set a folding chair outside

or lay in bed like I’m doing now, it’s kinda nice! The down side is sometimes it’s hard to work when you would rather play.

We have chores that we try to keep up with regularly. I already mentioned the dishes. Living in a smaller space makes it much easier to keep organized, but we still have to keep on top of the boys to put things away, and even more so in a smaller space. I keep teaching each of  boys how to connect/disconnect all of the different components too.

For recreation we have bikes, scooters, balls of all shapes, tennis rackets, and all kinds of pool toys. We each have camel backs to carry water for hiking or biking too.

For example: today I got up at 6:45 did some reading, went for a 10 mile bike ride, ate breakfast, took a shower, got on a business conference call, wrote this post, made some business calls, helped our boys with some classes (today was the first official day). Ate lunch made a few more business calls, spent some time on social media, did some clean up out side around the 5th wheel, made dinner (my wife went to visit our niece an hour and a half away), and ate too. Sent out some business emails. and now I’m finishing the post. Tomorrow I’ll be working with the boys doing some work on my sister’s house.

I could get use to this. Oh yeah, do we ever fight. Sometimes like a normal family.

What’s your dream?

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