Extended stay in Evansville

9/3/2012 (Evansville, MN)

Up to this point we have not stayed in any one location for any length of time. We plan to stay here until 9/20. It’s nice and strange all at the same time. Some of that could also be that we are parked in my sisters driveway, not the same as being in a RV park. We are able to be plugged into a 50 amp outlet, and drain our grey water tanks, but our black tank has to be emptied at a local RV Park. That is a pain, but the trade-off is we get to spend more time with family, and the last time we were here was 7 years ago.

We are staying in a small farming town, Evansville MN. I’m pretty sure we are the talk of the town with our 40′ 5th wheel taking up most of my sisters driveway.


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