City Museum

City Museum St. Louis, MO

We noticed strange stuff on top of a building, in downtown St. Louis, and said we have find out what that place is..City Museum. We squeezed in a visit before we left town. It’s the strangest, most fun museum we have ever visited.

city museum 01

The founder of the museum was very creative. He bought an old shoe factory, and began to create.


There are no signs or maps of the place because it’s always changing. You are encouraged to climb, slide, and explore.

carter up high

A word of warning, if you are afraid of heights, claustrophobic, or larger than a 11 year old there are some places you shouldn’t go. I managed to climb through the tube just fine, until I had to turn my body around, so I wouldn’t fall on my head. It was probably pretty funny to watch me get turned around.

me in the tube

I had a fear of getting stuck in here, so I didn’t even try.

tight squeeze

The 10 story slide was pretty cool. They used to be garbage chutes for the shoe factory. When I got to the bottom I was dizzy, but didn’t notice that feeling on the way down. I was a little surprised that I couldn’t walk straight.

big slide

They also have the worlds largest pencil. It has real graphite, and eraser.

worlds largest pencil

And the world’s largest mens briefs.

worlds largest briefs

We all had a blast! it’s a must visit for a family.

It’s the only place like it in the world, we were told. Unfortunately the founder was killed in a bulldozer accident, last year, building another museum like it out of a cement factory.

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