Lake Texoma

We have a Thousand Trails Membership which saves us a lot of money on camping fees. This week we are at Lake Texoma. Enjoying some great weather.

It’s  the beginning of November, and we went swimming.

Connor swimmingIf you live in the Southern part of the US that isn’t big news, but being from the Northwest it is pretty exciting!

Caden ready to jump in the poolOh, every so often we have a sunny day in November in Oregon, but you have to wear a coat.

Carter looking coolO.K. full disclosure…The pool was cold, but we did swim. I think the water temp was in the 70’s and the outside temp was in the 80’s. It felt brisk.

Clark by the poolIt felt good to lay in the sun and sit in the hot tub. The pool just looked refreshing.

2 thoughts on “Lake Texoma

  1. so is this in Texas? Looks like you and the boys are doing well. Say hi to them for me. I just found out, when I called him, that Pete was in an accident. Hope you are doing well and finding your trip is a God thing

    • Lake Texoma is huge. On the boarder of Texas & Oklahoma. Nice place to visit in the Fall! We are doing well, meeting lots of people. Thanks for checking in on us!

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