To the Bat Cave

Today we went to the Bat Cave. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Carlsbads National ParkWe arrived a few weeks after the migration South to Mexico.

BatsI would have liked to see several thousand bats, but I just took a picture of a picture.

Hiking DownThis is where the bats fly out each evening at sunset.

Kids hikingWe hiked down into the cave 750ft down to the bottom.

StalactitesThere were thousands of cool looking stalactites and soda straws hanging from the top of the cave.

Huge StalactiteThis is one of the few still growing stalagmites in the cave. Most of the water in the cave has dried up, but there are a few areas that at still moist.

Almost a columnI wanted to watch these two become a column, but I didn’t have enough time to stay and watch.

caden walking downThe whole hike was about 2.5 miles. Some of it was pretty steep grade, but it was paved pathways the entire tour.

the bottomless pitWe learned that a bottomless pit is 150ft deep. In the early days the cave explorers didn’t have lights that could see to the bottom of the pit in the great room.

It was a great hike!

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