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What’s it like living in an RV? Tour our home.

On July 6, 2012 our family of 5 (Dad, Mom, 2 teenagers, and a 9yr old) left our 1600ft home, and moved into a 37ft 5th wheel for the year. We have posted some pictures, but we thought we would give a video tour today.

We all like our set-up. We have all the comforts of home, just fun sized, compared to our house. It’s big enough for people to have personal space, and much easier to keep clean.

The best part is the weather, and neighbors. If we don’t like either we can move.

We were reading a post titled You know you live in an RV when…Here few of the comment we liked.

  • You know the kids are up in the morning because the house moves.
  • The kids wake up and say “Where are we?”
  • Kids say they can’t flush, when using a family members bathroom, cuz there is no foot flusher.
  • you see a picture of a friends kitchen and wonder how they can keep so many glass containers on the counter top.

It’s funny when we talk to people we are planning to visit. They always ask what we’ll need, or how they have items we can use. I always say thank you, but we’ll be bringing our house with us.

Our Home

It always feels like you know someone better when you see their home.

If you have any great suggestions to improve our space let me know your ideas. Thanks!


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  1. Great video and thanks for sharing your journey! We are in the planning stages of long term 5th wheeling it. With 4 kids, that Jayco looks like it would be perfect for our family. Would love to know more about your TV as well and hopefully keep in touch!

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