Homeward Bound

We are Homeward bound.

Except for a few days we have been in sunny and fairly warm weather. Home is always home, but I’m not missing the rain and cool cloudy skies of the Northwest.

Since leaving New Mexico we have been reminded that it really is winter time. Our first awakening was traveling I-40 toward Flagstaff. We had to pull over and wait for a storm to pass. We had planned to spend the night in FlagStaff, AZ and hike around the Grand Canyon, but 50-70 mph winds and snow changed our plans.

We have been in Las Vegas, at our Thousand Trails camp for week. The temps have been comfortable during the day, and cool to cold at night. It has been a busy week of catching up on school work for the kids.

We had to change our travel plans because of snow in the mountains. Instead of driving up through Reno we cut across Death Valley. The rain started in Bakersfield and was constant and increasingly heavy as we drove North.

Spent a couple days home, mainly preparing to travel without our home (5th wheel). Looking forward to a family trip to Hawaii after Thanksgiving.


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