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We are spending the holidays in San Diego. Our family Christmas present was a pass to Sea World. Four years ago we had to cut a family Sea World trip short when our youngest son was hospitalized. This year they were running a sale. Buy a year pass for the same price as a multi-day pass. If we never use it again we already got our money’s worth.

Our first day the sun was shining, and it was in the low 60’s. A nice change from the rain and cold we experienced in Portland just a few days before.


We went to Shamu stadium to watch the killer whales perform. Yeah we sat outside the “Soak Zone” it was warm out, but not that warm!


We experienced The Polar Express in 4D. I got a little nervous when they announced that we might get wet. No one got wet but it did snow on us.

We really liked the shark experience and turtle exhibits. One of the turtles must really like it in the aquarium. It was a rescued in the wild, returned and had to be rescued again. It thought the plastic shopping bag was a jelly fish.


We petted the bat rays, while the older boys rode the roller coaster.


Our older boys convinced the youngest that he would like the roller coaster. Lets just say it was fun once it was a memory. His exact words while riding were “GOD IS WITH ME.”

On our next rip we saw the last dolphin show of the year. It was sunny, but cool. Once again we didn’t want to get wet on purpose.


I’m not sure these people wanted to either. Watch out for the whale tail.


The dolphins are amazing!


One of their Dolphins is 49 years old. Most of them were born and raised at Sea World.


We had a great time! We still have time to return before 2013 ends…May-be next fall. We have to see where we are.

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