At the Dunes

We were at the Dunes for my Son’s birthday

Just on the border of Arizona and California is a place called buttercup. A fun place to play in the sand dunes. My brother has a RZR, and a friend let us borrow a Rino.




Our middle son loves motorized toys so we let him celebrate!
We learned that it is illegal for a 14 yr old to drive a UTV/ATV without direct adult supervision.


We were watching, but the police informed us it was not correct. Yep, our son was pulled over on his birthday. The officer was gracious, and didn’t issue a  ticket because it was his birthday.


 We also celebrated with some dessert in the desert. He wanted an ice cream pie.

 IMG_18151 IMG_18191

We set up camp on the sand, and had a great time!

got to love the Southern weather!

My brother owns Main Street RV, so this was his RV this weekend.

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