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City Museum

City Museum St. Louis, MO

We noticed strange stuff on top of a building, in downtown St. Louis, and said we have find out what that place is..City Museum. We squeezed in a visit before we left town. It’s the strangest, most fun museum we have ever visited.

city museum 01

The founder of the museum was very creative. He bought an old shoe factory, and began to create.


There are no signs or maps of the place because it’s always changing. You are encouraged to climb, slide, and explore.

carter up high

A word of warning, if you are afraid of heights, claustrophobic, or larger than a 11 year old there are some places you shouldn’t go. I managed to climb through the tube just fine, until I had to turn my body around, so I wouldn’t fall on my head. It was probably pretty funny to watch me get turned around.

me in the tube

I had a fear of getting stuck in here, so I didn’t even try.

tight squeeze

The 10 story slide was pretty cool. They used to be garbage chutes for the shoe factory. When I got to the bottom I was dizzy, but didn’t notice that feeling on the way down. I was a little surprised that I couldn’t walk straight.

big slide

They also have the worlds largest pencil. It has real graphite, and eraser.

worlds largest pencil

And the world’s largest mens briefs.

worlds largest briefs

We all had a blast! it’s a must visit for a family.

It’s the only place like it in the world, we were told. Unfortunately the founder was killed in a bulldozer accident, last year, building another museum like it out of a cement factory.

Lesson Learned

9/29/2012 (St. Louis, MO)

We finished up September in St. Louis.

Union Station at one time was the busiest rail station in  the US. All rail traffic had to go through St. Louis, because it was one of the easiest places to cross the Mississippi river. Today the old station is a hotel. They have kept a lot of the original structure, and if you like history it’s a fun place to visit.

It was kinda fun realizing a few weeks ago we were at the very beginning of the river we are next to (Mississippi River).

I learned the hard way that you should never park in the RV parking at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. A local told me that everyday tourists vehicles are broken into. The local person said, they are well organized watching tourists and police.

We weren’t the only one broken into. If you want to see the Arch take a cab, or walk.


Mysterious Tire Issue

9/26/12 (Illinois)

We spent the night at a Flying J, before we connected with a hometown friend living in Illinois, and woke up to a softball size bulge in one of the 5th wheels tires.

The bulge wasn’t our only problem..

I found a mysterious slit on the inside of the side wall. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first one. Last month we changed a tire with the same problem. At the time I checked all the tires and didn’t notice the slits on the other tires (could have been hidden in the wheel well). There isn’t anything rubbing. I check the rest of the tires, and found the same slit on another tire.

This became a great time to teach our two younger boys how to change a tire.



Visit to the Mall of America

Mall of America Bloomington, MN

Today we were at the Mall of America

Mall of America

Our kids loved the Lego store. I have to admit, I still think Lego’s are cool too.

Lego store

My oldest son and I enjoy roller coasters. This one has more than a 90 degree drop, it’s a short coaster, but a lot of fun.

They have a great course, that is 4 stories tall. Our youngest son made it all the way to the top! He is motivated by challenge.




Mississippi Head Waters

Mississippi Head Waters (Itasca, MN)

We camped at Itasca State Park, with our extended family.

This picture is at the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

I have to mention “Farmer Steve”. We left for our camping trip and I hadn’t checked our propane level. It was 29 degrees that night and we ran out of propane to run the furnace. I went to the local store, and they only exchanged tanks, and didn’t have 7 gallon tanks. There wasn’t any other propane for sale near by. Steve, a local farmer, over heard my conversation and offered to fill my propane tank for free. Thanks Steve!


First Thresher’s Show

9/9/2012 (Dalton, MN)

Just down the road from Evansville is Dalton. Dalton hosts an annual 2 day Thresher’s Show. I didn’t even know what a Thresher Show was, but heard there would be old steam engines, and that sounded interesting. So the boys loaded up one truck to go to the show, while the girls loaded another truck and went shopping.

It’s quite a setup. They have several furnished historic buildings, and antiques.

And lots of tractors.

It was interesting comparing the equipment of years ago with equipment today. My Brother-in-law was telling me to day the machines use GPS and can fertilize and plant very precisely.

We watched some garden tractor pulls too.


Lindbergh State Park

Lindbergh /state Park (Little Falls, MN)

We took a drive a couple hours North to Charles A Lindbergh State Park today. The park property was the actual Lindbergh farm donated to the State by the family. It is located on a beautiful stretch of the Mississippi River.

We took a hike on one of the several hiking paths around.

On accident we stumbled upon our first geo cache. I walked by and said, that’s not a real rock. the boys wanted to know why it was there and picked it up.

We traded an ace of spades for a plastic spider ring. We wanted to put something that would let people know it was from Oregon, but we didn’t have anything with us.


Extended stay in Evansville

9/3/2012 (Evansville, MN)

Up to this point we have not stayed in any one location for any length of time. We plan to stay here until 9/20. It’s nice and strange all at the same time. Some of that could also be that we are parked in my sisters driveway, not the same as being in a RV park. We are able to be plugged into a 50 amp outlet, and drain our grey water tanks, but our black tank has to be emptied at a local RV Park. That is a pain, but the trade-off is we get to spend more time with family, and the last time we were here was 7 years ago.

We are staying in a small farming town, Evansville MN. I’m pretty sure we are the talk of the town with our 40′ 5th wheel taking up most of my sisters driveway.