Last Day in New Mexico

8/1/2012 (Albuquerque, NM) We spent our last day in New Mexico visiting the Albuquerque Aquarium. The days have been hot so we have opted to do thing indoors. It’s a nice aquarium. While we were there it was feeding time so we got to lots of activity and some of it up close.

We’ll be getting up early and heading to Mesa, AZ. The A/C on the truck is only functioning at 40% We’re heading to my brothers to tear out the dash and replace the recirc. box. I’ll post pictures of that on the tips and tricks section.

Old town Albuquerque

7/28/2012 (Albuquerque, NM) – Each Sunday we have been visiting local churches. This has been good because we never know what to expect. I think it makes us pay attention a little more. Today we attended Family Worship Center.

After church we had lunch and went to old town. It’s a lot of little shops a street vendors. the snake museum was a hit.

I had no idea how many different rattle snakes existed. All but one of the snakes in the museum were “rescue snakes” meaning pets that got away or something like that.

This is the only rattle snake in the museum that was taken from the wild. They think it is the only one like it. Notice no diamonds, just one long stripe.

The owner of Poco Loco showed us some magic tricks, and we bought a couple to practice.

Over all it was a fun day!


No A/C in Texas

7/24/2012 (Arlington, TX)– Texas is hot in July! If you read below you’ll find we were here for a business conference, but stayed a few days longer. 106 degrees was the hottest day. Best part (read sarcasm) the blend door on the truck A/C broke (ie A/C on the drivers side only). Spent a few extra days trying to have that fixed. We never got it completely resolved.

We’re taking it to the Dealer in NM. We expected to have a few repairs on the way, but didn’t figure they would all hit us at once. The outside Frig.vent door blew off while we were driving in Washington. After stopping at several service centers we have come to realize it is a special order part. And last night we were stopped at a Walmart to boondock on our way to our destination in NM, and found our key wouldn’t open the dead bolt on the 5th wheel front door. There was no other way in besides breaking something. Had to call a locksmith. After we got in we swapped the front and back door locks, and will add a new lock to our list of things to repair.

Visit to the Stockyards

7/23/2012 (Fort Worth, TX)  – We were told the Fort Worth, TX Stockyards were a site worth seeing. Unfortunately the day we arrive a local water main had burst, and all of the area restaurants and a few of the bathrooms were closed. It put a damper on our experience, but there was plenty to see.

Two of our boys rode mechanical bulls, actually one rode a fish. We also watched the cowboys herd the cattle through town.

After the cows went by our youngest son looks at the street and says, “That’s some good bull crap.” It was the first time our boys had been up close to any cattle.

The Whirlwind

7/13/2012 – The first part of our journey has been a whirlwind. We spent a couple of days with my wife’s family in Seattle, then headed East to enjoy Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. That part was a lot of fun. From there it was a bee line South to Dallas TX for a business conference. The South to Texas part was a lot of miles in a short amount of time. We spent the night in several Walmart’s and one Flying J Truck stop. The farther South we go the hotter it gets. I think the AC in the truck needs some repair it’s not able to stay as cold as it should. I’ll get that checked after the conference. For now we are spending a week here in Dallas, looking forward to a slower pace. Internet service is good here in the RV park so we’ll start catching up on posting more pictures.

Internet issues :(

I’ve been having a tough time getting our Wifi setup so internet access has been public hot spots for the moment. We have been posting photo albums of our journey so far on our Facebook page. “Our Journey” The last few days have felt more like a race than a journey. We started in Washington state on 7/8 and need to be in Texas 7/13. This is the only leg of our trip that will be rushed due to appointment. Looking forward to slowing down.

The Launch

Portland, OR – Well, we hit the road a day late, but we are officially on the road. The last few days at our house were a rush to finish packing, and little projects that had been put off for a later date.

I can appreciate the DMV trying to make sure things are done correctly, I had one of the most difficult times transferring my truck and 5th wheel title of course, Arizona where I got my truck, and Washington where I got my 5th wheel, have different paper work than Oregon. 8 hours later I finally was able to get license plates.