Furnace Repair?

Our gas furnace stopped working over the winter. I’m not sure if this is a simple cleaning or a major overhaul. The blower and thermostat are working but we don’t get any heat.
I’m not a furnace repair guy, but I understand the concept necessary for it to work properly. I’m pretty sure it is either a fuel delivery issue or an ignition issue. Since the stove and frig. are working on propane, it should be getting fuel too. I’m going to do a little research on the net to find out if there are any common furnace repairs. I’ll keep updating this as I learn more.

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After letting this project sit for a few weeks I got back to it today. I removed the furnace cover & looked in the peak hole and noticed no spark in the combustion chamber. I removed the control panel to get a better look (see pic below).

I removed the igniter.

I discovered that I was getting spark, but it was all around the porcelain, which is usually a strong clue that the insulating porcelain is cracked.

This is the old ingniter.

I purchased a new igniter, and tested the spark by leaving it out of the the combustion chamber. Worked great! While I was working on the furnace I figured now would be a good time to clean it up. I was surprised by the number flies and bees that were inside the combustion area.

After a good cleaning I put it back together. Guess what the furnace still won’t light.

I tested to make sure the circuit board was getting power. It is. I can hear the valve open to let gas into the chamber, but I don’t think the gas is actually making it to the combustion chamber. Now I have to figure out how to test the valve. More to come later.

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