Cell Phones & Electronics

Dad is sitting by the campfire…checking email from work, Mom is next to him talking to friends back home, oldest son is there too, but texting 5 friends at the same time, middle son is playing Angry Birds close by, and youngest son is watching a movie. Is this what we call family time?

Digital devices are a part of our lives. They provide all kinds of conveniences. In fact, I’m not sure if my phone is a camera, or my GPS is a phone. This one device (cell phone)  provides many helpful services and entertainment. However, it can also provide a disservice that needs to be addressed…. it isolates. We can be physically present, but mentally absent. I’m not anti-technology…I like it too much sometimes. But what would happen if we set boundaries on the use of electronics, especially while on vacation? In our family we strive to have electronic black out times, so we can focus on conversation, and enjoy the adventures outdoors. How do you handle the use of electronics while on vacation?


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