Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuel trucks offer fewer environmental impacts, but have other out of pocket expenses and drawbacks.

fuelBiodiesel- I have a couple of friends who have switched their trucks to bio-diesel.  In order to run effectively, many of the gaskets in the engine have to be replaced.  This is very costly if you don’t know how or have the tools to do the work. and still quite expensive if you can do the work yourself. All of the fuel filters have to be changed, too.  Currently bio-diesel isn’t sold every where that diesel is and can be difficult to find. My friends were making their own, which proved difficult to perfect the formula. There wasn’t any noticeable change in their truck’s power or economy once switched over.

Hybrid trucks have a higher price tag since the technology is newer. I don’t have any experience with a hybrid truck.  Any advice for potential buyers out there? I have heard the batteries wear out and have around a 5 year life span. The cost to replace them is expensive as well.  So far I haven’t heard the range of a hybrid vehicle matching a fossil fuel vehicle, but strides are being made every day. Towing an RV increases the load on the engine significantly so the range has to be reduced even more.

Are you using an alternative fuel? Are you thinking of using an alternative fuel? What should others know before they jump in?



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