Basic Awning Tip

This tip may-be extremely basic. I wish someone would have told me what to do on my maiden voyage with our trailer. On our first trip we pulled out the awning, it was a beautiful day. The awning provided great shade. That night the rain rolled in and the water pooled. In a trailer you know it’s raining because you can hear it, but unlike tent camping you don’t have to get out of your warm comfortable bed. If you roll your awning out level, like I did, you will find out how strong your awning is. The next morning I noticed the awning canvas was sagging. We’re not talking a small amount of water. Fortunately the awning held up, but it could have easily buckled or ripped.

Now when I set up the awning I always leave one side just a little lower than the other it allows the water to run off that side of the awning. Look at the ground to figure out if their is a better side to lower  that will allow water running off the awning to drain away from the trailer.

Anyone learn this lesson after your awning broke?

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