Keep Your Fresh Water Flowing When it’s Freezing

If you are a fair weather camper keeping your water lines from freezing is easy, don’t go camping when it’s cold. The Year round RVer may find themselves visiting family, or traveling through areas of freezing temperatures. How do you keep that fresh water line flowing in those freezing temperatures?

One option is to connect to a faucet that has a mix of cold and hot water. This option usually isn’t available unless you are staying close to a house with a laundry sink near by. Often times the laundry room isn’t convenient enough to connect to your city water line. Who wants a hose running through their house out to your RV, especially when it’s freezing outside?

Most RV resorts that are open year round have heated coils wrapped around their outside water faucets. This is also an option you can use too. The Heated wire wraps around your water line.

This option works great as long as the coils stay tight to your water line. Usually you need to tape the coils to the hose. Then you need to remove the tape and coils when you are not concerned about freezing weather.

Full-time RVers can use a heated water line to keep the water flowing in freezing temperatures. The Pirit Heated Hose is another option

What I like about this hose is that you can use it year round as your primary city water hose, and plug it in when the temperatures start to drop around freezing.

What do you use?

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