Remodel Switch-A-Roo

Today I decided to rearrange the furniture in our 5th wheel. I still have painful memories of my Mom asking me to help her rearrange furniture in our house when I was growing up. It seemed the piano would get moved 3 times and then back to the original position.

Our dining table is located toward the back of the trailer, and the couch is toward the front. I figured it couldn’t be too hard to move since I’ve seen the other arrangement as an option.
switching positions I figured would make the kitchen/living area work better for us.

before RemodelThe hide-a-bed isn’t bolted down so that was easy to move. We would like to replace it but we wouldn’t be able to get the sectional we would like in the door. So hide-a-bed stays.

I opened up the dining seat to find 8 screws that held the dining bench in place.

screw patter for bench

I was actually surprised by how little held the dining bench in place, but it was easier than moving a piano.

I removed the screws on the bench and table feet, and everything slid out of place.

1 bench removedMoved the bench to the new position, and screwed it into the floor using the same screw holes.

1 bench relocatedI had to cut the trim in the corner to let the bench fit tight against the wall, and used the piece to trim behind the hide-a-bed. The joint is hidden by the hide-a-bed so it isn’t noticeable. I also traded trim on the exposed sides. Moving the long piece to the side the hide-a-bed moved to.

after remodel

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