Deep Cleaning with “Basic G”

You’ve probably never heard of Basic G. The “G” stands for germicide.You can use it like you would beach, Lysol, or Fabreze, but it cost much less.

Basic GIf you follow our adventure you know that we have purposefully been in warm climates, but we returned to the NW for the holidays. Like usual they have been wet.

When we first arrived at my Mom’s house, it was pouring down rain. We parked on the street, so we couldn’t open the slides all the way and block traffic. A nameless person, opened the living room slide part way to get laundry, but forgot to close it. After a couple of hours we learned that water leaked in and soaked the carpet. We did our best to dry it out before going on vacation to Maui, but returning two weeks later we had a significant musty smell in our home.

As a typical guy I went to do what most guys would do. Buy an air freshener. Bad idea. My wife was a professional house cleaner for 10 years, and being a good husband I learned a few tips from her. Usually in the form of, “Why are you doing that?” or “How come you’re using that?” I thought I would pass on one of the lessons I learned from her.

Air fresheners just masks the smell. The odor is cause by germs. Kill the germs kill the smell. A little Basic G in a carpet cleaner and we are smelling good again. We also sprayed it on the cloth furniture to keep them fresh too, just like you would use Fabreze.

We use Basic G to clean the counter tops, stove top, refrigerator, bathroom, A/C vents, and the floors. It’s as effective as bleach, but won’t fade colors if you spill it. I also use Basic G to sanitize our fresh water system every 3 months.

We bought a concentrated bottle of Basic G before we left in July, and we have only used about a half a bottle at this point. I expect it will last us all year. If you want tips on how to clean check out my wifes site Claire,s Healthy Home.


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