Rear Wall Repair

Rear wall Repair

I sure hope this isn’t a common problem among RVer’s. After driving on a rough road in Northern California, and 12,000 miles of driving around the country, we noticed a problem on our Jayco 345BHS.

20121217_134634.pngThis picture shows that the rear wall moved. The trim concealed most of the problem, but I noticed on the driver side rear, that the rear wall moved about 1/2”. A little surprised, I pushed on the wall, and with some effort it moved back into place. I have a little background in home construction so I figured I would be able to fix it.

I removed the bunk bed, and the corner trim on the inside to get a better look at the problem.

20121215_171928.pngI noticed the top of the wall was tight in place and the bottom was a part about 1/2”. I took a flashlight and shined it into the gap. I saw 4 screws, and noticed all of them were broken.

20121215_173805.pngI sure hope Jayco typically uses more than 4 screws to secure the wall, but that’s how many I found. I determined  the best way to repair the wall would be to remove the broken screws and add more to hold it together.

20121217_102400.pngI removed the one screw that holds the rubber cover inside the trim piece. Then using a screwdriver I pried loose the cover out of the corner trim.

20121217_102451.pngI then removed the screws that held the trim to the trailer. I carefully pried the trim away from the trailer.

20121217_134605.pngI bought 12-3” #8 screws & a long 1/8” drill bit. I marked the bit so I wouldn’t drill too deep.

20121217_134458.pngI drilled new holes between the existing wholes that held the trim to the trailer.

20121217_134626.pngI started from the top and worked my way down adding new screws and making sure each drew the wall tight. I used adhesive remover to clean the surface, and replaced the  putty tape.

20121221_214159.pngReinstalling the trim in the reverse order.

The job itself wasn’t too difficult, but the weather was a different story.

20121218_092726.pngIt snowed! We left for Southern California the next day. Have you had this happen?

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