What’s the Mark of a Great RV Dealership?

What’s the Mark of a Great RV Dealership?

We are first time “Snowbirds” enjoying the AZ sunshine this winter. Here’s a tip if you’re thinking about getting a pre-owned RV. There are lots of RV dealerships here in the city of Mesa, and I’m sure several are exceptional. I’d like to tell you what I’ve been observing at Main Street RV in Mesa, AZ that I think may-be unique.

Just so there is full disclosure, I’ve shopped on several RV lots, just not here in Arizona. My brother is the owner of Main Street RV. I didn’t buy my RV from my brother, because there isn’t much bunk-house inventory in Arizona. So now you know my bias. Also know, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t personally impressed, even if we are related.

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We’ve been hanging around the Main Street RV lot this week, their motto is “Making Friends One RV at a Time” I always thought the saying was NICE, but I’ve realized it’s the core of their business. Main Street RV isn’t the biggest dealership around, it isn’t the smallest either. They only sell pre-owned RV’s. They truly work hard to make friends with their customers.

May-be this happens in all the RV dealership, but I don’t think so. This last week several past customers have stopped by just to say hi. They weren’t coming to look at inventory, they stopped by the office to talk with Pete. Even if he was really busy at the moment he took the time to chat. Some stuck around anywhere from a few minuets to several hours. One even spent the night on the lot, and he didn’t need to there are two Walmarts near by. I heard stories about families, life, and a lot of joking/laughing back and forth.

Someone else stopped in to talk to their head mechanic, the customer thought I worked there so they were asking me the questions. I told him Ben wasn’t in at the moment. The customers comment was, “I’ll come back later, Ben has a great reputation for good work.”

Main Street isn’t a high pressure sales lot. Sure they are in business to make money, but they make an effort to treat people well, making deals that are mutually beneficial. I talked to several couples who commented on how they love the rig that they bought here previously.

If you’re looking for a great RV dealership I recommend Main Street RV, they’ll treat you like a friend.

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