New Concept Camping

I was surfing the net looking for RV & camping information when I bumped into some cool discoveries that I thought worth sharing. On the Blue Nose RV Trails site I saw two tiny RV options. The first one didn’t seem that appealing to me, but the second one caught my attention. It’s called the Swiss Room Box. You have to see it in action to appreciate the invention & design.

They have two versions of the commercial on you tube. This one is not directed at families, but I didn’t want to post the same thing that Mike Porter from Blue Nose did.

I’d love to see this thing up close. It appears to be 4 cubes, and a couple additional pieces. You mix and match some of them to create combinations like a table, or bed. Some of the others are dedicated for the stove, shower/sink, and food storage.  Unfortunately it is not being sold outside of Europe at this time, while they figure out some electrical conversions. It’s not cheap either it cost roughly $9,000.00. These portable boxes could revolutionize how people camp. For the price you could buy a pretty nice used RV or a couple cubes that you could store easily in a closet and take in you minivan. Would you consider buying the “Room Box”?

Game: Cornhole Toss

Cornhole toss or corn toss as it’s called is another simple game that can provide hours of friendly competition for the family. It’s a perfect camp activity because it doesn’t require  a lot of space to bring along. The basic rules ask for a level rectangular area between 21′ to 30′. The simple objective is to toss a bag (filled with corn) into a hole in a board roughly 30′ away. Learning the skill to toss and slide the bag into the hole can take awhile to master, but a novice can enjoy the game too.

A friend of mine, and his buddy make custom sets. Sno-Kent Custom Cornhol’n they’re in the Seattle area, but I’m sure they would ship a set if you ask. They make the cornhole sets as a hobby. P.S. I don’t get any kickbacks, or ad fees, just giving a friend some air time.

Easy Camping Game

I was introduced to the game of washers last year. Since then, I have found out that there are several variations to this simple game. The version I played had three holes varying in size. Each hole was  assigned a different point value based on difficulty. The smaller the hole, the more points it’s worth.

It’s one of those games that doesn’t require tons of skill to play, but has potential to require lots of skill to master. We played for a couple hours and it provided plenty of fun and funny moments. It’s comparable to horseshoes. I found a site that shows you how to build a board of your own. It can be pretty inexpensive to build and some of the other designs make it really compact.

Anyone ever played before?  What’s your favorite configuration? Do you add any rules to make it more difficult, or easier for younger kids?