Fifth Wheels

We are preparing for a year long journey beginning next June (2012). We are currently looking at travel trailer floor plans just to figure out what will work well for us. Today we stopped by Curtis Trailer on Powell BLVD in Portland. As I mentioned in my previous post my family fell in love with a 5th wheel that is way out of our budget. In general I’m not a 5th wheel fan, but the space was amazing. Today we wanted to look more in our actual price range.

Honestly I wrote off 5th wheel trailers as an option because you lose pick-up bed space, and they tend to be harder to resell. I may-be changing my mind. I looked in several today and discovered they have more storage space than the typical travel trailer. That is a huge consideration for us with a family of 5 on a long journey. The salesman also mentioned that they tend to ride smoother, and are easier to connect/disconnect than hitch trailers. 5th wheels usually have a 12′ height compared to 10′ on a travel trailer. That 2′ makes a big difference in the size of exterior compartments and interior cabinet space.

The floor plan that we all liked was on a Keystone Outback, but either Keystone has discontinued the Outback 5th wheel or they have changed the name. I found the same floor plan on a Keystone Copper Canyon. This trailer is roughly 30K. That is more than we are going to spend. Unless we find an incredible deal, we expect to buy used. I love the brand new look and smell, but I don’t like losing value just by driving off the lot.

Next step is to find out what other models have that floor plan and when it was introduced into the market. Anyone know? I think I’m becoming a 5th wheel fan.